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Sales Agency for Material Handling Equipment and LED Lighting Products since 2001

MANA Member

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Georgia-Alabama-Tennessee-Misssissippi-Florida-South Carolina-North Carolina

 Vidir Storage Solutions 

Verticle storage solutions that expands the storage volume using a much smaller footprint.  Take you products up not out.  Let us help free up space and provide a safer and faster storage and retrieval system.



Mach 1 manufactures a wide range of stretch wrap machines to suite just about any need.  Mach 1 has several unique advantages that creates a machine that is both very reliable and simple to operate.  Its a very robust machine and made in North America.

Some models use a prestretch method that enables the user to get up to 3 times the life from one roll of film.  If the user is wraping 20 or more pallets a day, the pay back on the machine is less than year!

Mach 1 is also the most competitively priced machine on the market today.


Built Systems

Assembly systems untillizing ergonomic work tables that are electric or hand crank ajustable in heigth with a wide assortment of options.  There are delivery systems for parts such mobile bins and gravity feed conveyor systems.  


Ebtech Industrial 

Leading manufacturer of inplant offices, mezzanines, guard houses, cleanrooms plus more.



Ergonomic tilting, dumping, lifting and rotating. No other company has a wider line of ergonomic material handling equipment than Econolift. There is a product for just about any application. If you do not see exactly what you need, Econolift will build a product to fit the application.

Econolift can also manufacture most of their product line from stainless steel should your enviroment need corrosion resistance. There are Econolift dealers in most major cities. If you have an application, or you would like to know who your nearest dealer, please contact us.


Edwards Equipment

Stainless Steel and Carbon Steel fabrication of any kind.  Stainless steel tables and sinks. Power coating services, Carts, Racks and Hand Trucks.  


BTA Guardrail Products

Ask us about your guardrail needs.  We have both heavy duty and medium heavy duty in stock.  We can also do custom sizes to fit any configuration. We also have bollards and rack protection.


BTA Caster

Caster and Wheel Specialist
BTA provides a wide variety of casters and wheels for just about any application from light duty to extra heavy duty for any application. Quality casters and wheels that are priced with value in mind. All BTA casters are manufactured to industry standards. Standard items are in stock and our shipping locations are strategically located to provide fast service.

We have over 30 years of experience in the caster and wheel business including extensive knowledge in the automotive, aerospace, food processing and rubber industries and we are sure we can help with just about any application.  

We can also provide custom machined wheels from matalic and non matalic materials for the most difficult applications. 

Ask us about hand pallet trucks.


DPI Plastic Molders

DPI rotationally molds a wide variety of sizes and types of plastic totes, containers, carts, column protection and tilt trucks in a wide variety of color choices and food grade materials. Material handling applications for this type of product are endless. Please contact us if you have an application requiring this type of product.  You find great prices and great service.  Contact us directly for pricing and delivery information 


EntreMatic Nergeco High Performance Doors

The only high speed door that uses composite materials.  Composite rails and drums makes our doors ideal for food processing, pharmaceuicals or any corrosive application.  Not only does our composite material out perform Stainless Steel but it also has a much better price point.  Please give us a call.  We are hands on with years of experience.


Storage Products Group/Jarke



LED Lighting Products

We offer a full range of LED Lighting.  We have new fixtures and retrofits.  We offer factory surveys so that you will know your ROI.  In most cases the return on the investment is less than year.  









Ask us about Ergonomic Work Tables and Benches.  

We can also help with any type of fabricated carts, work platforms and trailers. 


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Brent Tuttle Associates, LLC

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